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Specialized Support for Grad Students!

The SIU Writing Center recognizes that graduate students have unique needs that differ from our undergraduate students. We aim to support your more specialized and intense writing practices as well. Please explore our support opportunities below.


Individual Writing Feedback at the Graduate Level!

Our writing consultants -- both undergraduate and graduate -- can offer support for your writing at the graduate level. Some specific considerations for your appointments include:

  • You'll need to contribute more discipline-specific knowledge. Our consultants are experts at helping to facilitate your process and to offer a reader's perspective, but you will need to actively participate in making your writing conform to your discipline's genres and expectations.
  • Your writing may take multiple appointments. Graduate-level work is often longer than can be reviewed in one session. Consider making multiple appointments to go over your lengthier work. It is often helpful to schedule with the same consultants to maintain continuity.
  • Consider making appointments with our graduate consultants. Undergraduate consultants are trained to respond to all writing contexts, but our graduate students may have more experience of writing in your discipline and at the graduate level.